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We are an institution who believes in the:

     • Delivery of quality patient care
     • Development of competent, ethical providers
     • Pursuit of vigorous training and research activities
     • Availability of modern facilities and technology
     • Establishment of partnership with other agencies

We commit to work as a team by ensuring patient satisfaction, improving
professional and spiritual and promoting institutional, loyalty and viability.


A modern 209- Bed Tertiary health care center strategically located in Caloocan City, north of Metro Manila offering complete and efficient medical and surgical services.

Emergency Room with 24-hour coverage by ER Consultants, Ambulatory Services, Operating Room & Delivery Rooms, Neonatal and Pediatric ICU, Medical & Surgical, ICCU. Private Rooms and Suites.
Complete 24-hour Laboratory and Radiological Services. Heart Station, New Stress Test Machine (Marquette-Helige Cardiosys XT with Treadmill 2000 & Defiport SCP 912 Maniature Defribrillator), Pulmonary Stations, Hearing Center ( Audiometry and Tympanometry), Industrial Health
Clinic. Octopus 101 Perimetry, Pain and Hospice Center. Bronchoscopy, Physical Rehabilitation Center. Ultrasound, 4D Ultrasound , 2-D Echo, CT-Scan . Ambulatory Surgical Unit, Pediatric Playroom Therapy, Infertility Work-Up, Fetal Monitor, Video Laparoscopy, Video" Endoscopy, Hemodialysis. Menopause Clinic, Maternal High Risk Unit, Gynecologic Unit, Women's Health Unit, Oncology Clinic. Pharmacy. Acute Stroke Unit and Ambulance Services.

Also offering Executive Check-Up ( Out-Patient and In-Patient ), Pre-employment Screening, Annual Employment Check-Up, Package Deals on Normal Delivery, Ceasarian Section, D & C, Appendectomy, Herniorrhapy, Thyroid Surgery, Trabeculectomy and ECCE Surgery.