CURRENT CHAIR Felices Emerita P. Perez, MD
Elvira M. Abreu, MD
Rosalinda R. Benitez, MD
Anna Karenina V. Causapin, MD
Marivic M. Esguerra, MD
Dante Noel P. Perez, MD
Evelyn Sta. Cruz, MD
Ruth Saguil Sy, MD
Bryan Soberon, MD
Lilybeth R. Tanchoco, MD


When the College of Medicine opened in 1947, the departments of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology were combined as one department under Dr. Alfredo P. Navato. In 1950 Dr. Processo Arenas took over the combined departments as chairperson. At the time the section of Physiology was under Dr. Alfredo L. Ortiz. Later, Biochemistry became a separate department leaving Pharmacology and Physiology under the chairmanship of Dr. Ortiz. In 1957 when Pharmacology was separated from Physiology, Dr. Ortiz stayed as the chairperson of Physiology until his death in April, 1968.

For short time, Dr. Vicente Tuazon became the chairperson of the recombined departments of Pharmacology and Physiology. Upon the return of Dr. Jesus Fojas from a fellowship grant in the United States in June 1968, he was appointed Officer-in-Charge of the department. He continued as acting chair for 2 years and was later appointed chairperson of the department of Physiology. In 1972 the departments of Physiology and Pharmacology were again combined. Dr. Fojas continued to be the chair while Dr. Teresa Cordero was appointed OIC of the Pharmacology section. After one year the departments were again separated. Dr. Fojas help on to his position as chair of Physiology while Dr. Teresa Cordero became the acting chair of Pharmacology.

At the beginning of this term, Dr. Fojas embarked on a faculty recruitment program. He tapped other doctors who had just finished their residency training in the hospital to joint the department. It was also during his term that the department adapted a syllabus as a study guide for the students. With the years, the faculty staff increased in number. They were encouraged to attend workshops and seminars organized by APMC and NTTC. Additional equipment were purchased to augment the already existing ones.

In 1983, the Physiology Society of the Philippines (PSP) was organized with Dr. Fojas as one of the founding members. With the founding of PSP, a common syllabus was written and adopted by all the member schools. Faculty members attended workshops and seminars on teaching pedagogy sponsored by the PSP and NTTC. The annual PSP convention kept the faculty abreast with updates in physiology. Modern innovative teaching techniques were adopted such as small group discussions and student's research paper.

In 1988, Dr. Noemi S.M. Talens was appointed chairperson of the department. Under her term, new equipment were requisitioned among which was the polygraph machine. Recruitment of more faculty members continued. The student advisory board was strengthened. Following Dr. Talens' retirement in May 1994, Dr. Elvira M. Abreu was appointed the new chairperson of the department in June, 1994.

Today, the department stands as one of the pillars of the medical course. Members of its faculty staff are dedicated teachers. Majority of them are fellows of their respective specialty field and enjoy the respect of their peers in the PSP. The department's performance in the Medical Board Examination had always been satisfactory. With the dedication and enthusiasm of the new chair and the members of the staff, the department will continue to grow and contribute its share in developing graduates who are competent and imbued with Christian values.